Welcome to NikPaul

Our prints are fun and bright, designed for everyone that loves life and comfort! Our soft and comfortable sleep and loungewear have a special technique built into the weaving that wicks away moisture from the skin on those warm and hot nights; the moisture evaporates in the air, leaves you fresh and dry for better sleep and better health!

Heat Release Technology (HRT) is a patented blend of natural and synthetic fibers developed over years of experience with endurance athletes, in attempt to keep them cool and dry. Initially, the fabric was designed for marathon runners who, after many tries, found that the fabric was amazingly able to help keep them dry. The natural fibers of the patented fabric absorbs moisture from the skin while the synthetic fibers push the moisture away from the body to ensure that it evaporates quickly - four times faster than cotton!

Sleeping or lounging, we offer styles that we love and believe you will, too!

Take a look, try them out and let us know what you think - we love to hear from our customers!


Jack Zucker